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Game Menu Screen

The Game Menu contains a list of all games within the software.

Game Menu

The Game menu is accessible from the Entrance Lobby, or from the Game Menu option in the Menu bar. When a player is in any of the game rooms, they can return to the Game Menu by clicking on the “Back to Game Menu” which is found in all rooms.

Accessing Games:

A player can access all games from the Game Menu. To access a game, click on the “Go to Game” button under the game.

Goto to game button

The player will then be taken to the respective room / game.

Downloading Games:

Games will download automatically.

The bar along the button will then say “Downloading” and will indicate the progress of the download at all times

Once the download is complete, the button will say: “Go to Game”

Playing while Downloading games:

Once a player has initiated the download of a game, they can continue playing other games that have already downloaded – the selected game will continue downloading in the background.

Bingo Tab:

Contains a list of 75 ball Bingo games and 90 ball Bingo games.

Goto to game button

Slots Tab:

Contains a list of 3 Reel and 5 Reel slots

Goto to game button

Video Poker Tab:

Contains a list of Video Poker games

Goto to game button

Table Games:

Contains a list of table games.

Goto to game button

Side Games Tab:

Contains a list of all Side games which can be played while seated at the Bingo table.

Goto to game button

Top Games Tab:

Contains a list of new games, recommended games and games most recently played by the player.

Goto to game button

Progressive Tab:

Contains a list of all games that have a Progressive Jackpot.

Goto to game button