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75 Ball Bingo Table

75 Ball Bingo Room

Once you have entered the bingo room, find an empty chair at one of the tables.

If you mouse over on of the empty chairs it will say ‘play bingo’

To see which avatar you are – mouse of the characters and your login name will be displayed

Double click on the empty chair to begin playing

You can now start playing bingo uk

You will be playing bingo against all the other players in the room

If you look at the top right corner you will see the Bingo Progressive - Bingo Bonanza amount displayed.

At the top centre of the room you will find the Bingo

To exit the bingo game, click on the “Exit Game” button in the Menu bar. You will then find yourself standing in the Bingo room. Players can return to the Game Menu by clicking on the “Game Menu” option in the Menu bar, or by clicking on the “Back to Game Menu” sign board. Caller