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3 Reel - Fruit Frenzy

Fruit Frenzy is a 3 reel slot machine with 1 payline and a Progressive Jackpot. Players can play up to 3 coins.

Fruit Frenzy

Min Coin Size = 25p and Max Coin Size = £5
Thus, Min bet 25p and Max bet is £15

Payout Information
Total Bet = price selected * num coins

ANY symbols winning combinations

Fruit Frenzy

This allows the player to win on any combination of BANANA BEETLE or STRAWBERRY BEETLE or KIWI BEETLE or PEAR BEETLE

Eg.KIWI BEETLE + STRAWBERRY BEETLE + PEAR BEETLE = pays 15 coins (on a 3 coins bet).

Fruit Frenzy


Fruit Frenzy

• This allows a player to win on any combination of the following symbols BANANA or BANANA AND BEETLE.

Fruit Frenzy
Resulting in 120 coin payout on 3 coins played as per the pay table.

Non Paying positions
This machine allows players to land in between 2 symbols, these positions are non paying
Fruit Frenzy

Special features

Wild symbol
The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols.
The appearance of 1 Wild symbol as part of a winning combination will pay 5x the standard payout.
The appearance of 2 Wild symbols as part of a winning combination will pay 25x the standard payout.
The appearance of 3 Wild symbols will win the Progressive Jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot
The Progressive Jackpot is paid out proportionally to the coins size bet; £5 being 100% of the jackpot. The jackpot is funded at a contribution rate of 0.84% of wagering. The starting value of the Jackpot is £10,000.
In the unlikely event that a Progressive Jackpot is won in consecutive spins by two different players, then the jackpot amount displayed may not have had sufficient time to correctly reflect the initial win. In this case, the first player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the Progressive Jackpot and the second player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the starting value as stated above. .


  • Impact of Disconnection
    The site will complete the game for the player. The next time he/she logs back into the game, the Account Balance will have changed to reflect the result (previous balance + win amount from the game).


  • Malfunction
    Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play

Return to player for 1 and 2 coins= 92.15%
Return to player for 3 coins= 92.99%