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  • May 2012

  • Bingo - why it's different to other forms of gambling
    Bingo in the UK, or ‘housey-housey’ as it used to be known, actually originated in Italy back in the 1500s, and has become one of our most loved community games since being introduced to these shores in the late 1700s. While it’s technic...
    31 May 2012
  • Bingo lingo
    Bingo is a game steeped in British tradition, a large part of which is related to the assorted rhymes and cultural or historical references that have, over time, linked themselves to each of those magical numbers from 1 to 90.Changing times have seen some...
    25 May 2012
  • Where to play bingo around the UK
    The bingo hall has long been a staple of most British cities, towns and villages. The accessibility of the internet’s free bingo, and all its various promotional variants such as free no deposit bingo, may lead people who are late to the game to pre...
    23 May 2012
  • Dos and don'ts of bingo chat
    Playing bingo games online can be a terrific way to meet new people and make friends across the world. Although you have to concentrate while the numbers are being called, free online bingo is as much about the chat and communal nature of the game as any ...
    23 May 2012
  • The do's and don'ts of online bingo play
    Few games are as absorbing, involving and downright entertaining as bingo. This classic game has been around for centuries, and continues to adapt itself to meet the needs of an ever-expanding community of players.Nowadays, there are certain norms that th...
    15 May 2012
  • January 2012

  • What You Should Know About Online Bingo
    The first thought you get when you hear the word 'bingo' is that it is just a boring game for old women. Well, that was true a few years ago, but not anymore. The game has evolved from being just a weekly pastime for seniors to a daily routine for people ...
    13 January 2012
  • December 2011

  • The Gift-Giving Spirit Has Taken Over Online Bingo
    There's a lot to celebrate this time of year and bingo sites are throwing quite a few parties of their own. Some of the more obvious specials currently going on in the bingo world revolve around the gift-giving spirit of Christmas. Bingo sites are touting...
    19 December 2011
  • July 2011

  • Regional Bingo
    Birmingham Bingo Bradford Bingo Brighton Bingo Bristol Bingo Cardiff Bingo Coventry Bingo Edinburgh Bingo Glasgow Bingo Leeds Bingo Leicester Bingo Liverpool Bingo London Bingo Manchester Bingo Newcastle upon Tyne Bingo Nottingham Bingo Sheffield Bingo S...
    29 August 2011
  • Wakefield Bingo, Play Bingo in Wakefield - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Wakefield Bingo, Play Bingo in Wakefield- Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK Dubbed the ‘Merrie City’ during the Middle Ages, and a site of the War of the Roses, Wakefield is one of the major inland ports and market towns in the United Kingdom. ...
    28 July 2011
  • Sunderland Bingo, Play Bingo in Sunderland - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Sunderland Bingo, Play Bingo in Sunderland - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKOne of the frequently visited places by the famed Lewis Carroll, Sunderland is a place for all seasons. Be it for trading coal and salt at its ports, indulging in the numerous cu...
    29 July 2011
  • Sheffield Bingo, Play Bingo in Sheffield - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Sheffield Bingo, Play Bingo in Sheffield - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKMost people who reguarly play bingo in Sheffield are aware that bingo is available in two versions - the UK and the American version. The British and European version is played wit...
    28 July 2011
  • Nottingham Bingo, Play Bingo in Nottingham - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Nottingham Bingo, Play Bingo in Nottingham - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKIf you are in Nottingham and are looking for entertainment, a good suggestion is bingo. True, Nottingham is a renowned cultural hub in Britain and is home to many theatres, cinem...
    28 July 2011
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Bingo, Play Bingo in Newcastle upon Tyne Bingo - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Newcastle upon Tyne Bingo, Play Bingo in Newcastle upon Tyne Bingo - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKAsk anyone in the UK who games online for his favourite online game, and in most cases, one would be bingo. For decades, the game has been one of the most...
    28 July 2011
  • Manchester Bingo, Play Bingo in Manchester - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Manchester Bingo, Play Bingo in Manchester - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKBingo is not just a popular game of chance, but it is also an effective educational tool. Many schools have resorted to the idea of teaching children by using bingo in Manchester...
    28 July 2011
  • London Bingo, Play Bingo in London - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    London Bingo, Play Bingo in London - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKBingo is one of the world’s favourite pastimes, and was a popular game in Europe for many centuries, especially in large cities like London. The game gained immense popularity in t...
    29 July 2011
  • Liverpool Bingo, Play Bingo in Liverpool - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Liverpool Bingo, Play Bingo in Liverpool - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKThe game of Bingo is increasingly used for educational purposes in many schools. Many teachers have adapted bingo in Liverpool, Birmingham and other parts of the UK to teach math, ...
    28 July 2011
  • Leicester Bingo, Play Bingo in Leicester - Free Bingo
    Leicester Bingo, Play Bingo in Leicester - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKAs one of the major cities in the UK, Leicester is a great place to live. Ranked as the tenth most populated cities in the UK, the city is cosmopolitan in nature, partly due to the...
    29 July 2011
  • Leeds Bingo, Play Bingo in Leeds - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Leeds Bingo, Play Bingo in Leeds - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKA recent news report revealed that a baby girl in Leeds was found to have two holes in her heart and required immediate surgery. Unable to afford the expenses for the surgery, a charity or...
    28 July 2011
  • Glasgow Bingo, Play Bingo in Glasgow - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Glasgow Bingo, Play Bingo in Glasgow - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKBingo is a commonly played game, both in homes and at halls. While the rules are more or less the same, the results can greatly differ because playing at a bingo hall gives you a chanc...
    28 July 2011
  • Edinburgh Bingo, Play Bingo in Edinburgh- Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Edinburgh Bingo, Play Bingo in Edinburgh- Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKBingo is one of the world’s favourite games and popular pastimes. The game is especially popular in the UK, with huge following for bingo in Edinburgh, Leeds, London and other...
    28 July 2011
  • Coventry Bingo, Play Bingo in Coventry - Free Bingo
    Coventry Bingo, Play Bingo in Coventry - Free BingoFor many years, bingo has been one of the most popular games in the UK. From the second half of the 20th century, the game was commercialized extensively across the country, with halls coming up for bingo...
    28 July 2011
  • Cardiff Bingo, Play Bingo in Carddiff - Free Bingo
    Cardiff Bingo, Play Bingo in Cardiff - Free BingoCardiff, part of the Eurocities network of the largest cities in Europe, is one of the major cities in the UK and home to the Welsh Assembly, Cardiff Bay and a wealth of arts and science centres. The city i...
    29 July 2011
  • Bristol Bingo, Play Bingo in Bristol - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Bristol Bingo, Play Bingo in Bristol - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKBingo is one of the most popular games in the UK. You can find halls devoted to playing bingo in Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff and many other places. Halls in Bristol provide the classic...
    28 July 2011
  • Brighton Bingo, Play Bingo in Brighton - Free Bingo
    Brighton Bingo, Play Bingo in Brighton - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKTired of visiting the usual places in Brighton like the cafes, museums and the Marine Palace and Pier? Looking for a change? Bingo in Brighton is an option you can consider. There ar...
    29 July 2011
  • Bradford, Play Bingo in Bradford - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Bradford, Play Bingo in Bradford - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKOnline bingo made its first appearance online in the late 1990s. By 2000, it had become one of the world’s most popular online games. By then, the online gaming industry was already ...
    28 July 2011
  • Birmingham Bingo, Play Bingo in Birmingham - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK
    Birmingham Bingo, Play Bingo in Birmingham - Free Bingo from jackpot liner UKBingo is the favourite game among many people worldwide, and enjoys a special reputation among people in the United Kingdom. The UK was the first country to popularize the game. ...
    28 July 2011
  • Bingo in London, Bingo Sites & Rewards
    Playing Online Bingo In LondonBingo is an extremely popular game in the UK and people of all ages enjoy it whether it is offline or online. Although traditionally the game was played in halls throughout the UK, today most of the action takes place on onli...
    06 July 2011
  • Online Bingo Deals, Games, Bingo Sites & Bonuses
    Online Bingo Deals that You Should Take Advantage ofThere are many websites that offer an exciting platform for players to indulge in bingo games. As more and more people are finding bingo games entertaining and profitable, new websites are coming up freq...
    06 July 2011
  • Bingo Deals, Games, Bingo Sites & Bonuses
    Attractive Bingo Deals Available OnlineThe fun, excitement and relaxation a bingo game brings, attract many people towards the game. Because of its entertainment element, it has attained the status of one of the most popular online games in the UK. Bingo ...
    06 July 2011
  • Bingo Calls, Games, Bingo Sites & Bonuses
    Guide To Reading Bingo Call BoardsBingo is one of the increasingly popular games being played by online gamers in the recent years. The rules of the game are very much the same as what one would see in a real bingo hall. The call board is the fundamental ...
    05 July 2011
  • Playing Bingo in the UK, Bingo Sites & Bonuses
    Bingo in the UKBingo has long been a popular game in the UK. Although its popularity diminished for a while and it was considered a pastime for the elderly, it has experienced a revival with the advent of the internet. There are now innumerable bingo site...
    05 July 2011
  • Playing New Bingo Games, Online Bingo Sites & Bonuses
    Common Winning Patterns in New Bingo GamesBingo is one of the most popular online games in the UK. On most of the sites or bingo halls, the standard game is played. In the standard variations, a participant has to make a straight line, vertically, horizon...
    05 July 2011
  • Playing Bingo Online, Bingo Games & Bonuses
    Advantages Of Playing Online BingoBingo is one of the most popular games among online gamers, and gaming portals with games are available in abundance today. It is even popular among people originally used to traditional halls. There are a number of benef...
    05 July 2011
  • June 2011

  • Play Bingo Online, Bingo Sites & Games
    The Rise of Online BingoBingo has been subject to a revival of sorts in the past few years. The game, which was looked down upon by the gambling world, is now an online sensation. Numerous sites solely dedicated to bingo games have sprung up and are offer...
    27 June 2011
  • Play No Deposit Bingo Games & Win Bonuses
    Why Online Bingo Has Become So PopularBingo has been a favourite family and society game for many decades now. Although the game was highly commercialized in the second half of the previous century by bingo halls, the game never quite became as popular un...
    27 June 2011
  • Free Bingo Games, Sites & Bonuses
    Free Bingo GamesBingo is one of the most loved games offline as well as online. If you are new on the online bingo circuit and want to test the waters before investing real money, free bingo games are the best way to do it. A number of popular gaming webs...
    27 June 2011
  • Bonus Bingo Games
    Bonus Bingo Games, Bingo Sites & Rewards   Welcome Bonuses And Bonus Bingo Games On Bingo SitesBingo being one of the most popular online games, today there are a number of gaming sites offering amazing bingo bonuses and it can be tricky to choos...
    23 May 2012
  • First Deposit Bingo Bonus, Bingo Games & Rewards
    First Deposit Bingo BonusBingo is one of the most popular games among online gaming fans across the world. It is especially popular in the UK, which is also the base for a number of bingo sites. Many of these sites offer players attractive bonuses on thei...
    21 June 2011
  • Compare Bingo Sites, Games & Rewards
    Choosing A Reliable Bingo SiteBingo is one of the most popular games played online by people. Gaming portals have also begun to cash in on this newfound interest in online bingo. Umpteen casinos and gaming portals offer games - some for money and some for...
    24 June 2011
  • New Bingo Sites
    New Bingo Sites, Games & Bonuses   Rising Popularity Of New Bingo Sites Bingo is one of the most popular games in the online gaming world. The demand for games is increasing with each passing day and new bingo sites are springing up to constantly...
    24 June 2011
  • No Deposit Bingo Sites, Games & Rewards
    Bonuses Offered On Online BingoCompetition between different gaming sites is quite fierce, with each trying to outdo the others in terms of web traffic. To ensure that they stay competitive, different sites come out with a number of offers to lure people ...
    24 June 2011
  • Free Internet Bingo
    Free Internet Bingo Sites, Games & Rewards   Two Ways Of Playing Free Internet BingoIf you want to try your hand at playing online bingo but do not like the idea of paying for it, there are a number of ways by which you can play online for free. ...
    24 June 2011
  • Playing Bingo, Free Sites & Bingo Bonuses
    Benefits of Online BingoOnline bingo is rapidly increasing in popularity with each passing day. It has proved to be a hit even with players used to playing bingo in offline bingo halls for a long time. There are a number of reasons why more people prefer ...
    21 June 2011
  • Free Bingo Sites, Games & Bingo Bonuses
    All You Need to Know About Free Bingo Sites Online games are a favourite pastime for many people across the world, especially in the UK. Whether you like to play major casino games or the simpler bingo games for entertainment, the internet offers a lot of...
    24 June 2011
  • Free No Deposit Bingo Games, Sites & Bonuses
    Play Free Bingo Games And Win Real MoneyPlaying bingo can be a lot of fun, especially when you win exciting cash prizes and other incentives by spending just a little bit of money. The good news is that if you like playing online bingo, you can now win re...
    24 June 2011
  • July 2010

  • Free Bingo at jackpot liner UK
    There are many free bingo sites on the net. Thousands of people every year scour the pages of Google to locate an online bingo site in the UK that offers free bingo. For some it is a new hobby and therefore requires practice, for others it is something t...
    19 October 2010
  • June 2010

  • Yoga Stretches for the Online Bingo Player
    You're sitting on your chair playing bingo. Your eyes are glued to the screen and your heart is racing because there's three-to-go, two-to-go and then one-to-go flashing above your bingo card. You've won! You leap up from your desk and punch the air to e...
    16 June 2010
  • Various Odds at Roulette
    Roulette is one of the popular casino games in the whole of Europe. Even though it may seem that one can hardly win at the roulette, the odds aren't that bad at all. Odds are even at all the bets on the table, of course, not taking into consideration whe...
    13 June 2010
  • Understanding Slots
    Online gambling has become more and more popular. There are so many types of casino games that you can now found in online casinos as well as online bingo networks. Believe it or not, online casinos are just like any brick and mortar casino less the pers...
    02 June 2010
  • May 2010

  • The Ultimate Online Bingo Tips
    While online bingo is clearly a game of luck, you'd be surprised at how much you can improve your chances of winning by following some simple, but important tips. These helpful hints can guide you to making decisions that give you the greatest chance of ...
    31 May 2010
  • UK Bingo - Bingo Games For Players in England, Scotland
    It's easy to tell why Show Me the Money gets the most attention among all 3 reel slots or all slots machines for that matter. In jackpot liner UK, you get to play all sorts of games before you can even call it a real game. This is made possible by regist...
    29 March 2012
  • Sic Bo Guide for Playing
    One of the not so popular online casino games is the Sic Bo. Sic Bo is a game that originated in China. While not many people know the game, there's still a lot who do play the game of Sic Bo. It's actually a simple casino game where you don't need to ha...
    21 May 2010
  • Is Online Bingo Safe?
    You are probably interested to get into online bingo but worry that you are risking your personal information and bank information at the same time. Before we start discussing if online bingo is safe, note that like any other transaction, be it online or...
    19 May 2010
  • Protecting Your Online Bingo Accounts
    How do you protect your online bingo accounts? With all the risk of identity theft, fraud, scams, and all that, one can't help but worry about their online casino accounts, especially that these accounts involve our financial accounts too. With online Bi...
    16 May 2010
  • Online Bingo Personality Quiz
    Have you ever wondered exactly what kind of bingo player you may be? Are you a risk taker, dare-devil type who will stop at nothing to bingo? Or are you the more cautious type who quietly and patiently plays bingo, waiting for your luck to come in? Are y...
    02 May 2010
  • April 2010

  • Online Bingo allows you the Time to Pamper Yourself
    Many women complain that they just don't have enough time to do those little things that complete their beauty routine. Now a growing number of online bingo playing women have revealed how they maximize the time they spend playing bingo. Women who once l...
    26 April 2010
  • March 2010

  • No Deposit Bingo - Free Bingo, Win Money With No Deposit Required - jackpot liner UK
    When you think about online 3 reel slots, all you could really imagine is how you can proceed with gambling without spending too much on bets. You can actually say the same thing about land-based slot machines. All you need is few pennies to try your luc...
    15 May 2012
  • MegaBingo - The only networked online bingo game
    At jackpot liner UK, we offer a variety in online UK bingo, trying to make it as enjoyable as possible for our online community. We offer 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, blingo and MegaBingo. MegaBingo is the only online networked bingo game on the net! Me...
    18 March 2010
  • Improve Your Mental Functioning With Online Bingo
    It was Mark Twain who once said, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." And everyone knows that as we age we are in danger of losing our mental acuity and function. Well, there's good news for online bingo players - research has found th...
    10 March 2010
  • Internet Bingo - Free Bingo Games Website at jackpot liner UK
    jackpot liner UK has again and again proven its spot as the leading online bingo site with its several bonus offers for gamers, old and new. More specifically, bingo UK has never been the same again with online options that allow you to try out a game wi...
    04 March 2010
  • Going Places with Online Bingo
    Rose Thornberry was torn. She loved playing online bingo, but she knew she needed to get out more. She was tired of her mother's endless tirades about how she would never meet anyone if she stayed within her four walls. The problem was that Rose worked f...
    01 March 2010
  • February 2010

  • How Games are Classified at Online Casinos
    Do you know that games at online bingo sites can be classified into different groups? Yes, they do. This makes it easier for them to manage. But that doesn't mean we can't share in on the benefits of classifications of online casino games. Continue readi...
    24 February 2010
  • Double Your Relaxation with Online Bingo and Tai Chi
    Studies have shown that stress is the number one cause of disease and poor health. Stress comes in many forms and sometimes we are hardly aware of the magnitude of its impact. Finding forms of relaxation is key to alleviating and reducing the effects of ...
    23 February 2010
  • The Do's and Dont's of Bingo Chat
    There is no better place to find new friends and share online bingo stories than in the bingo chat room. To make friends and influence people in the bingo chat room, here are a few tips which apply to most bingo websites. Do: Show respect for your fellow...
    04 August 2010
  • Customer Service at Online Casinos
    For online casinos and online bingos, one of the most important aspects operators have to excel at is the customer service. A lot of online casino and online bingo enthusiasts now that if you are excelling in customer service, then chances are you are al...
    05 February 2010
  • January 2010

  • Choosing Games at Casinos
    Casinos are so much fun to spend free time on. People love to play casino games as a pastime. People go to casinos when they feel lucky. They play casino games when it's their birthday. Others just see a casino as one of their fun holiday escapes. And of...
    25 January 2010
  • Learn the game play for Black Jack
    Black Jack is one of the popular card games in casinos. It is one of the most popular table games in the world of gambling. But what is it that makes Black Jack a favorite? Obviously, the reason is because there are so many advantages to playing the game...
    21 January 2010
  • What Makes You a Bingo Winner?
    Round and round the wheel of fortune goes and where it stops, no man knows.? Like this quote implies, luck is a random, coincidental event and one that cannot be predicted, especially not in a game of bingo. The first thing to remember about bingo is tha...
    13 January 2010
  • Bingo Games - Play A Bingo Game Online at jackpot liner UK
    For years and years we have been playing Monopoly but nobody really ever found a way of playing it to win some real money. This does not however have to remain the case anymore thanks to the people at jackpot liner UK who have redesigned the classic Mono...
    08 January 2010
  • December 2009

  • Have Your Bingo Cake and Eat it Too
    Special birthdays call for speciality cakes and if you really want to surprise and delight someone who plays bingo, then put in that extra effort and bake them a bingo cake. Essentially, a bingo cake is a square cake with a bingo board design on the top....
    28 December 2009
  • Know the Different Betting Systems Used Today
    Sports betting have become so popular nowadays, what with all the many games that we have come to love since childhood. There are so many sports that you can bet at. There's basketball, horse races, car races, football, soccer, and many others. At the sa...
    22 December 2009
  • How Online Bingo Attracts Players
    Bingo is surely one of the favorite games we love to play at the fair, the local church hall, local bingo hall, and charity events. It has become part of growing up because of its popularity. In fact, there are even bingo games being sold for home use, j...
    01 December 2009

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