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Know the Different Betting Systems Used Today

Sports betting have become so popular nowadays, what with all the many games that we have come to love since childhood. There are so many sports that you can bet at. There's basketball, horse races, car races, football, soccer, and many others. At the same time, there are various leagues and associations for each sport. So it's not impossible that sports betting have come this far. On the other hand, betting is not just used for such sports. Betting systems may also refer to the type of betting used in table games or card games.

For those who are new to betting, you must know that there are various betting systems being used today. In fact, the three different categories are enumerated below.



  1. The first category in betting systems is the Positive Progression Betting. What this type of betting means is that every time you win, your bet is increased. This is one of the most popular types of betting nowadays. Of course, there's not a large bankroll to begin with. You start from small bets and then move on to bigger bets as you win.


  3. Now the second type of betting is called the Insurance Betting Systems. This is the opposite of our first type of betting which is the Positive Progression Betting. So how is it the opposite? Instead of increasing your bet, here you decrease your bet, but not when you are winning but whenever you lose. So once you lose, your bet decreases. Now this is known as the safest type of betting system. Of course, who would want to increase their bets when they are losing, right? It's enough that you have already lost some money. So it's only logical to decrease your bet every time you lose. This technique of betting is also popularly called "playing it safe", as experts would call it.


  5. Last but not the least, the third type of betting system is the Negative Progression Betting. Now, this is like a combination of the two betting systems. And as the name implies, even though you are negative, meaning you are losing, your bet progresses or in other words, increases. So each time you lose, the bet is increased, not decreased. This is also a popular betting technique used to be able to reverse one's losing streak and to be able to get back what you've lost. For example, on your first round, you bet 10 pounds and you lost. So, on the second round you increase your bet even though you lost. You bet 20 pounds so that if you win, you are able to get back the 10 pounds you've bet and lost in the first round. The only problem with this technique is that it is quite risky and will require a bigger bankroll.


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