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Have Your Bingo Cake and Eat it Too

Special birthdays call for speciality cakes and if you really want to surprise and delight someone who plays bingo, then put in that extra effort and bake them a bingo cake. Essentially, a bingo cake is a square cake with a bingo board design on the top. This delectable, edible bingo board will be a hit at any bingo gathering or for any bingo enthusiast's birthday party.

Choose a cake recipe that you know or like and bake the cake in a 9 by 13 inch cake tin. If you need a recipe, you'll find that the internet is an excellent source of information, or you could ask someone in your online bingo chat room if they've ever baked a bingo cake. If you're pressed for time, use a ready-made cake mix for your bingo cake - everyone will be so impressed with the bingo design, you won't have a chance to tell them it's not from scratch. And if you really have spent too much time playing bingo online and you only have time for the decorating part of the bingo cake, then buy a plain cake with white icing from a reputable cake dealer.

Now it's time to create the bingo card design with icing and cake decorations. If it's a bingo player's birthday cake, be sure to have their birthday number in the center of the bingo card. It's easiest to use white icing as the base color and then use a different colour icing for the border and lines of the bingo card. You can either buy pre-made sugar numbers and letters, or with a steady hand pipe the numbers and letters in the bingo squares by hand. You can use chocolate squares to represent playing pieces and set up a winning pattern on the bingo card. If you like, you can leave additional space for a birthday message below the bingo card. It's pretty simple and a great way to say happy birthday to a bingo player.

When you cut the bingo cake to serve it, you can also have a random bingo draw. Write down all the numbers on the birthday bingo card on slips of paper and place the bingo numbers in a hat. Cut the cake up and make sure that each slice has a bingo number on it. Then, once the bingo cake has been served, draw a number from the hat. The person with the piece of cake that has a bingo number that matches the number drawn is the bingo winner and should win a small prize. Why not make it a round of online bingo?

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