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Online bingo made its first appearance online in the late 1990s. By 2000, it had become one of the world’s most popular online games. By then, the online gaming industry was already dominated by casino and poker games. The sudden rise of bingo to prominence was entirely unprecedented at the time. The online version of the game is especially popular in the UK, with a large fan following for playing online bingo in Bradford, London, Edinburgh, etc.

Despite having a very diverse demographic composition, Bradford is one of the most important markets for the game, and bingo in Bradford has gone from strength to strength in the past few years. Figures suggest that the market for online bingo has shown strong growth internationally since 2006. The game became popular even in countries where it was not played before, like Spain and Scandinavian countries. However, the main draw for the online games still remains in the UK. Though the game is quite popular in the USA, residents of the country do not have access to many online gaming sites. This is mainly due to the legistlation, which resulted in many US players not gaining access to the site’s games.

It is in the European regions, analysts suggest, that the potential for further growth of online bingo lies. The game is popular even in parts of Asia and Australia. Nonetheless, the growth in the online market for the game is stronger in the UK than any other country, with above 200,000 new participants from that region joining each year at different online bingo sites.

There is also the fact that most of the online sites are from the UK, and technological advancements to the game are made at a rapid pace. The game is already being made available in mobile phone friendly versions, so that people can enjoy a game while travelling. However, mobile gaming suffers from one handicap- the unavailability of the chat feature, which is one of the biggest draws of online bingo. Online bingo companies are still striving to find out a way by which they can handle this problem.

With the demand for online bingo ever increasing, more and more companies are launching websites to meet this demand. The number of such sites, which was above 200 in the year 2004, has doubled in the last few years that have passed. It seems the market is still expanding. With laws regarding advertising of online gaming being relaxed in the UK, companies have resorted to various methods of promoting their business, like advertising for television and sponsoring popular TV programmes.

From being associated with the stereotypical image of ‘grandma’s game’ for many years, bingo has seen a remarkable rise into prominence. Who would have believed that this game would be a sensation among online gamers, especially among the younger generation? Companies are scattered all over UK to meet the increasing demand for online bingo in Bradford, Sheffield, Birmingham and other places. The game has also been dissociated with the ‘feminine’ tag, now that more men are playing the game.

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