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For many years, bingo has been one of the most popular games in the UK. From the second half of the 20th century, the game was commercialized extensively across the country, with halls coming up for bingo in Coventry, Cardiff, Birmingham and other major cities in the UK. Outside the UK, however, bingo was not all that commonly played except in a few places in Europe. Once the internet made its presence, only gaming became one of the favourite activities of many people. Many websites devoted specifically to games were soon launched, and casino and bingo games also made the move to the online platform.

As the game went online, its popularity increased manifold. People began to play it in countries where people had not played the game before, and quickly became popular with many. Most players still come from the UK and the majority of its sites are UK-based. In fact, online bingo has been voted one of the most popular forms of online entertainment in the UK, a reputation which the game had never enjoyed before. Every year, about 50,000 new players from the UK alone join bingo sites.

One of the biggest breakthroughs that online bingo achieved was the breaking of stereotypes. For example, the game of bingo in Coventry was previously associated largely with the image of a game being played by old men and women. At the most, it was considered a game to be played by young women. The shift to the online version shattered these images entirely as bingo began to be played by people of all ages, including young adults.

Recent research has revealed that more than 75% of players from the UK frequenting online bingo sites are between the ages 18-30. 80% of the players are between the ages 25-40. It has also been found that a player on average spends above £550 a year on playing bingo. Another study in 2006 claimed that bingo was one of the most frequently played games online internationally, and that the demand for this game is still on the rise. To meet this demand, many companies from around the world are launching sites dedicated to the game.

Even though online bingo has become a game for all age groups, there are many sites devoted to niche groups. Though they do not explicitly state so, but the atmosphere evoked by the design and interface of certain bingo sites suggest it, like using strong hues of pink to attract women, especially young adults. Some bingo sites may evoke an aura of a particular city, to lure people of that city to play at the site.

With the arrival of online bingo sites, a lot of scepticism was raised about the future of brick-and-mortar bingo halls. In fact, many of the halls for bingo in Coventry, London and other places around the UK were threatened with closure. But land based bingo halls still seem to hold a fascination for players in the UK and many of them still are popular among the bingo players.

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