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Dos and don'ts of bingo chat

Playing bingo games online can be a terrific way to meet new people and make friends across the world. Although you have to concentrate while the numbers are being called, free online bingo is as much about the chat and communal nature of the game as any other format.

Bingo itself naturally acts as a point of mutual interest for everyone, though you’ll find that conversations carry on within a group or in private chats about pretty much any topic under the sun. There are a few dos and don’ts associated with bingo chat, though a general sense of etiquette will invariably help you through.

Bingo speak

Be sure to learn the group’s chat lingo so you won’t feel left out, wondering what on earth everyone else is on about. It’s not a secret language and you can easily get the hang of it with practice. Try looking up text speak abbreviations on Google to get a list of the most common ones, and use it as a reference. For instance, ‘wtg’ for ‘way to go’ should be a term that always brings a smile to your lips because it usually means you’ve won something! When in doubt, don’t be shy to ask the others in the group to explain what they mean.

Ignore the trolls

Don’t be rude to people in the chat room, even if they’re taking the Mickey. There’ll always be one or two people on the internet who like to ‘troll’ – i.e. play devil’s advocate – but getting into battles with them is like arguing with a doorknob; there are no winners. Let the chat moderators handle the bullies while you concentrate on the game and your friends.

Cosy up

Try to socialise by congratulating others on their wins, and they’ll do the same for you. Make friends with the most successful players, and they may be willing to share some of their top tips.

No need to shout

Don’t type with your caps lock on unless you want people to think you have an anger management problem. In bingo games online, this is the equivalent of shouting and will only aggravate those who have to read it. If you want to place emphasis on a particular word and there are no options for bold type or italics, try placing an underline dash on either side of the word.

Beware the virus

Don’t click on hyperlinks in chat if you don’t know the sender very well. Always ask if the sender intended to send the link, since a very rare feature of free online bingo can be viruses that use your friends’ accounts to send you infected links.

Finally, and more important than anything else, have fun

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