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The Do's and Dont's of Bingo Chat

There is no better place to find new friends and share online bingo stories than in the bingo chat room. To make friends and influence people in the bingo chat room, here are a few tips which apply to most bingo websites.


  • Show respect for your fellow bingo players. Remember to treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Tell jokes that are funny and not told at another person's expense.
  • Cheer for your friends when they win a game of bingo.
  • Show excitement when you've won at bingo.
  • Welcome new bingo players into the chat room.
  • Share your knowledge and tips with new bingo buddies.
  • Select a screen name that is in good taste and that won't offend your bingo friends.
  • Encourage someone who feels they're on a losing streak.
  • Respect your bingo Chat Master.
  • Report someone behaving badly to the chat monitor or the online bingo operators of the site.



  • Complain and whine if you've not yet won a round of bingo.
  • Dominate the bingo chat room - give other bingo players a chance to express *themselves.
  • Use capital letters.
  • Impersonate another bingo player in the chat room.
  • Get upset or angry if a fellow bingo player doesn't seem to want to chat to you. (They might be away from their computer.)
  • Brag about your winnings or belittle players who haven't won.
  • Talk about another online bingo site that you think is better during chat.
  • Ask for loans from other players.
  • Gossip about other bingo players.
  • Encourage a player who has a gambling addiction.
  • Make fun of another bingo player's language or typing errors.
  • Badmouth a winning bingo player.
  • Repeatedly type in the numbers that you need to win a round of bingo. This gets tedious for others wanting to chat.
  • Use the chat room to complain about technical bingo issues. (Use the proper support channels)


If you put these tips into action your online bingo experience will be a rewarding one and you'll be making online bingo buddies in no time. Take a little time to learn the acronyms and other bingo lingo. This will enhance your communications with your fellow online bingo players.

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