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Double Your Relaxation with Online Bingo and Tai Chi

Studies have shown that stress is the number one cause of disease and poor health. Stress comes in many forms and sometimes we are hardly aware of the magnitude of its impact. Finding forms of relaxation is key to alleviating and reducing the effects of stress. Playing online bingo is an entertaining, enjoyable diversion that can lower your stress levels. Many online bingo players report that playing bingo takes their minds off everyday problems that cause stress. Bingo gives them the chance to concentrate on something that is pure fun and gives their minds a chance to unwind.

But now that your mind is unwinding, how about wringing out some of the stress that has built up in your body. Double your relaxation by doing some Tai Chi at your desk while playing bingo games. Tai Chi for bingo players is a novel idea, but the ancient martial art of Tai Chi has been around for centuries. Tai Chi is based on the Eastern belief that energy flows through the body along pathways known as meridians. The energy, or life force is called "chi". When the Chi, or flow of energy is disrupted then this is believed to cause illness in the body. Tai Chi is an exercise that restores the balance and flow of energy. The good news is that you can practice Tai Chi while you set your bingo cards to auto-daub and really wring out the stress from your body.

Tai Chi is a series of flowing body movements called "forms" that are performed slowly. For the bingo player we've selected four forms that can be practiced at your desk while you are online.

Movement 1: Removing Egg from Bird Nest. This Tai Chi exercise is great for the bingo player as it stretches the shoulder girdle thereby increasing the bingo player's lung capacity and creating an influx of oxygen to the body. It also stretches the muscles you use when typing text in the bingo chat room. Begin by being seated in your chair. Gently breathe out and lower your arms to your side. Be sure not to hunch your shoulders which is a tendency in bingo players who play bingo for extended periods. Now, imagine you're lifting an egg out of a bird's nest with each hand. To lift the imaginary egg, bring the fingers and thumbs together on each hand. Now breathe in and slowly stretch your arms out to the side. Now with your elbows bent ever so slightly, slowly reach your arms up over your head, touching the wrists together if it's possible. Now let go of the imaginary egg and as you lower your arms down, push your hands outwards. Inhale. With the elbow bent, wrap your left arm behind your back. Take your right arm and with the elbow bent, gently move it behind your head. Reach the fingers of your right hand towards the fingers of your left hand. Don't worry if your hands can't reach each other - that will improve with practice. Breathe. Clear your mind of online bingo for 30 seconds. (Who knows, if you're not looking, you might win a bingo jackpot!) Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Movement 2: Stroke the Sparrows Back. This exercise is great for the bingo player who spends time hunched over when they play bingo as it will play against gravity to stretch the spine upward. Start seated with your arms at a 45 degree angle, the Tai Chi "A" position. Bring your arms forward in front of you and take hold of an imaginary ball of energy. Keep your right arm on top with the palm facing downwards and have your left arm about 12 inches below with the palm facing up. Now bring your right arm down and place your right hand on the right hip. At the same time, stretch your left arm up above your head, as high as you can. This Tai Chi exercise gets its name because the motion should mimic you stroking the back feathers on a bird with your right hand, while you slide your left hand under the bird's neck. Sit upright in your chair while performing this movement, extending your spine upwards.

The instructions may seem tricky at first, but we know that bingo players keep their minds active and that you'll soon be able to wrap your head around this wonderful, healing Tai Chi exercise and reap the benefits while continuing to play bingo.

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