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Edinburgh Bingo

Edinburgh Bingo, Play Bingo in Edinburgh- Free Bingo from jackpot liner UK

Bingo is one of the world’s favourite games and popular pastimes. The game is especially popular in the UK, with huge following for bingo in Edinburgh, Leeds, London and other places across the country. Edinburgh, which ranks 7th in the UK in terms of population, is one of the major markets and growth drivers of the game.

At present there are two forms of the game, land based and online. While the rules of both versions remain very much the same, there are a lot of differences that deserve mention. This article will throw light on some of the similarities and the differences between the two forms of the game.

The similarities between the two versions of online play lie in the fact that you get to play the same games online that you get in the land-based version, mainly 75 and 90 ball bingo. Just as in terrestrial halls where the two types are played in separate halls, you also have the same applied to online bingo. There are separate rooms for both the versions of the game on most bingo websites. There is room for social interaction in both online as well as land based bingo, with the former using live chat feature as a way to interact with other players.

Another fact should not be ignored- the cash prizes offered. Both land based and online casinos offer cash prizes up to thousands of pounds, and even offer vacation packages as prizes. Jackpots are also found on both versions of the game, giving people looking to play bingo in Edinburgh or anywhere else, a chance to win a huge amount.

Now let us look into the differences. When you strike a line or a full house, you normally have to shout ‘bingo’ to let the caller know that you’ve won. This is not needed when playing online. As soon as you mark the last number that marks your full house, the computer automatically records your score and you are ready to claim your prize money. Another major difference between the two types of is that while you play bingo surrounded by a number of people in a land based hall, you are literally isolated in the online version of the game, where you have only your PC for company.

When you play at an online bingo, you are offered deposit bonuses and even give you a chance to play a few rounds of bingo for free, an offer hard to find in land based bingo halls. On the other hand, when you play bingo in Edinburgh or other major locations, land based halls offer food and refreshments for free or for a price, which would be absurd to expect in an online casino. The prize money, while offered in ready cash or cheque at land based bingo, is transferred to you account via an electronic transfer when playing the game online.

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