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Going Places with Online Bingo

Rose Thornberry was torn. She loved playing online bingo, but she knew she needed to get out more. She was tired of her mother's endless tirades about how she would never meet anyone if she stayed within her four walls. The problem was that Rose worked from home, so she had little to no socializing with colleagues. And then for entertainment Rose loved to play bingo online, which she also did at home. She tried to explain to her mother how much fun playing bingo was and how many people she was meeting in the online bingo chat rooms. But her mother's old-fashioned thinking did have some merit - Rose couldn't stay indoors all day, every day. She needed a change of scene. She needed to have a reason to put on fresh clothes and interact with the world out there.

So Rose decided to try the coffee shop scene. Three times a week she sought out interesting coffee shops that offered wireless internet. Armed with her laptop and a latte or a cup of tea, she would find a comfy chair and then sit down to play bingo online. For Rose, who is extremely shy in social situations, this seemed to be a perfect solution. She would never ordinarily have sat down in a coffee shop on her own, but now online bingo gave her an excuse to do so without having to feel self-conscious. Rose enjoyed the change in her environment, although she missed the advantages of playing bingo at home.

But she had to agree for once with her mother that sometimes you do need to get out of your pyjamas and face the world. Rose found that people in the coffee shop were curious about her online bingo playing and it was a great way to start up conversations. There was a quiet man who sat in the corner of one of the coffee shops that Rose started to frequent, who seemed to be there whenever she arrived. Their eyes had met across the room a few times, but neither of them had the courage to strike up a conversation. "I noticed her the first time she walked in and ordered the latte with whipped cream and a cherry on top. She was different, in a lonely, beautiful way," says Ron who runs the coffee shop where Rose most liked to play bingo. Ron also noticed how his regular customer, David, was drawn to Rose and often noticed him watching Rose while she played online bingo. After a few weeks Ron wondered how he could play matchmaker.

It soon became obvious to Ron that the solution was online bingo itself. Ron told David, who is a freelance writer and often worked on his laptop in the coffee shop, the name of the online bingo site where Rose played. Ron encouraged David to sign up at that online bingo site and to start chatting to Rose4warned, which Ron knew was Rose's chat name. David decided to try Ron's suggestion and soon he and Rose were chatting and sharing jokes and getting to know one another while playing bingo.


David felt bad that Rose didn't know that the Dave4thright she was chatting to in the bingo chat room was also the man sitting in the corner of the coffee shop. Ron agreed with him that it was time to let Rose know that her virtual bingo world was colliding with her real world. They weren't sure how she would respond and Dave feared he might have ruined his chances of getting to know Rose better. But when David approached Rose and told her the truth, Rose found it all very amusing and indeed it has become a story that Dave and Rose love to tell when people ask the happy couple the story of how they met.

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