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A recent news report revealed that a baby girl in Leeds was found to have two holes in her heart and required immediate surgery. Unable to afford the expenses for the surgery, a charity organization decided to host a fundraising event to fund the surgery. Guess what was the game played? Bingo. The idea of a charity organization hosting a fundraising event by playing bingo in Leeds attracted the attention of the public and the event was a success, raising significant amount of money. The report also stated charity plans to host further bingo fundraising events in the future.

The idea of using the game as a fundraiser is not new, as it has been used for the same purposes by churches and charitable organisations for many years. The game has been effective as a fundraiser because bingo is one of the favourite pastimes in the world. Given the popularity of the game in the UK, it is no surprise that the idea of holding a fundraising event with the game paid off. A fundraising event, when executed properly, can bring thousands of pounds. Let us look further into the organising of a bingo game.

Hosting a bingo event requires items like admission tickets, food and refreshments and callers. At first, it is important that you publicize the event by advertising in newspapers, blogs, or through charity circles. Admission tickets can be created with a custom made design or bought from stationery. A normal event should have around 200 participants, so try to get roughly the same number of tickets printed. Always offer admission tickets in advance at a lower price and at the door for a slightly higher price.

A bingo event can last anywhere between three to four hours, so players may need a refreshment in between. You can use this opportunity to provide snacks and refreshments for a small price. A buffet luncheon is preferable at such events. Selling baked goods for such occasions is also a good option. It is important to hire a professional caller for the game, as running the show requires someone who has some experience. Organising a successful bingo event requires planning at least a few months in advance.

The instance of playing bingo in Leeds is not the sole example of using the game for fundraising. Many organisations in many parts of the world have resorted to this method of raising funds, now that the game is popular around the world via the internet. Another news report recently stated that a couple in the US raised above $3000 in funds for the adoption of two Ethiopian children by hosting a game of bingo. This demonstrates that the popularity of this game is not restricted to the UK alone.

For many other charitable events such as those for people suffering from serious ailments like cancer, AIDS, and the like, fundraising events are frequently held and bingo is a popular choice to gain the necessary funding for the purpose.

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