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The game of Bingo is increasingly used for educational purposes in many schools. Many teachers have adapted bingo in Liverpool, Birmingham and other parts of the UK to teach math, English and even foreign languages. This novel approach to bingo is slowly becoming accepted in many schools in the city.

The rules in the educational version of bingo are more or less similar to those of the original in that the teacher assumes the role of bingo caller and the students act as players. However, the cards are modified according to the teachers’ wish and it is from here the rules are tweaked. Some of the ways by which bingo in Liverpool and several other places is used in education will be elaborated in the following paragraphs.

Sight-word bingo is one way of using bingo to teach children who are just becoming familiar with the alphabet. In this game, words are printed on the bingo card by the teacher. The teacher calls out words at random, and the students have to find the corresponding words in their bingo cards.

Another version of the game used in education is phonemic-awareness bingo, where the bingo cards are filled merely with letters. The teacher calls out a word and the students have to find out the first letter of the word in their cards. Vocabulary-bingo involves the teacher telling the definition of a certain word, and students have to find the related word.

When learning foreign languages, words of the particular language are printed on the card. The teacher calls out a word in English and the students must find out the equivalent of the word in the language which they are learning from the cards. This game is also played vice versa, with the teacher calling words in the foreign language and the students finding English language equivalents of the word.

Bingo is also popularly used in teaching math. For instance, numbers are printed on the card. The teacher calls out simple math problems like addition or subtraction. The student must look for the resultant figure in the card. For slightly older children, tasks like division and multiplication may be used. Problems with decimals and fractions can also be used in the game.

In some schools in Liverpool, the game is also used in subjects like history, geography and science. For history, pictures of various historical figures, paces and monuments may be printed onto the bingo card. The teacher will call a term and the students will have to mark the picture that corresponds to the given word.

The fact that bingo can be used for so many purposes shows the versatility of the game. The idea of using it for education is not all that new. For a number of years, many schools have opted for this method of teaching through bingo in Liverpool, London, Manchester and many other parts of the UK. The practice is in fact slowly crossing borders and spreading to other countries.

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