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Bingo is not just a popular game of chance, but it is also an effective educational tool. Many schools have resorted to the idea of teaching children by using bingo in Manchester, Cardiff and other parts of the United Kingdom, as well as abroad. The game has proven to be effective for children of varying age groups, starting from kindergarten to 10-12 year olds. Bingo is also used in many different versions, depending upon the subject that is taught. One of these versions is phonics-bingo.

Phonics-bingo is a game for children who have just begun school. This version of bingo in Manchester is used to help children learn to read and write well. Sound is an important aspect in this game, as it is held that letters can be associated to the corresponding sound. There are some differences from traditional bingo in the way the game is played. They include that words instead of numbers are used on the bingo cards.

The game progresses with the teacher reading out a word. If they find the word in their sheet, children should mark them down. Once they have marked a full hous,e they should immediately call out “bingo.” The first student to mark a full house is deemed the winner.

Phonics bingo is played in other ways. In a different version, students are provided bingo cards with letters. The task here is to find the letter in the card that corresponds to the sound made by the teacher. This is one of the basic types of phonics bingo played among children who are just beginning to read and identify letters. As the students grow older, the games gradually become more challenging for them.

Another interesting method of playing the game is rhyming bingo. Here different words are printed on the card and distributed among the students. The teacher calls out a word and the student marks a word in his card that rhymes with the word called out by the teacher. Often, the teacher may give a few clues to help students guess the rhyming word more easily.

There are few other forms of phonics bingo like CVC bingo, vowel diagraph bingo and consonant diagraph bingo. These games help children to better associate sounds with letters by blending the sounds of different letters and letter groups into words. The game has also gained note as a healthy brain activity for young children. Information about playing the phonics version can be found online. There are websites dedicated solely to phonics bingo and provide tips on how to play the game, in addition to further details about materials required and other activities. 

Bingo has proved itself not only an entertaining activity but also as educational tool. Phonics bingo is a word game that is as entertaining as it is useful to increase phonemic awareness. Bingo is one of the favourite games of the UK, with halls for playing bingo in Manchester, London and Birmingham.

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