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Common Winning Patterns in New Bingo Games

Bingo is one of the most popular online games in the UK. On most of the sites or bingo halls, the standard game is played. In the standard variations, a participant has to make a straight line, vertically, horizontally or diagonally in the card, that he/she buys, based on the number the caller announces. For example, whoever makes the straight line first, wins a prize in this variation. However, as players want more variety, companies are coming up with newer patterns in bingo games. Listed here are some of the common patterns used in new bingo games.

Four Corners

In this variation, you have to mark out the four corner cells of your card, if the numbers announced by the caller matches, to be the winner. Usually for this pattern, the prize is not a large amount, as it can be achieved quite easily.

Cover All

As the name suggests, you simply have to cover or mark all the numbers in your card to be the winner of the game, but there is a catch involved. In order to win the full prize money, you have to cover all the numbers in your card before the caller makes a specific number of calls, for example, by the 50th or the 60th call. If you are able to do that, you get the full prize money. If not, as the number of calls increases, an amount from the prize money is reduced.

Diamond Bingo

While playing this new bingo game pattern, your aim should be to make a diamond shape in the card. There are actually two variations to diamond bingo. The first one needs only four numbers (B3, N1, N5, O3) to end the game, whereas the second variation needs six letters (B3, I2, I4, N1, N5, O3).

Circle Bingo

In this one, you have to make a circle in your card. That means the entire row of ‘B’ and ‘O’ and the first and last numbers of the rows ‘I’, ‘N’ and ‘G’ are to be filled. The middle cells should be vacant.

Cross Bingo

The name says it all! You have to make a cross in your card with the numbers announced by the caller. The numbers in the ‘N’ column and the numbers in the middle row of the card (B3, I3, G3 and O3) have to be marked to win cross bingo.

Six-Pack and Nine-Pack Bingo

While playing the six-pack variation, aim to strike six numbers together anywhere in the card, so that they make a group. For nine-pack bingo, you have to hit a group of nine numbers so that it looks like a square.

Postage Stamps

In this pattern, seen commonly in some of the new bingo games, you have to make four small squares in your card. Each square has to be near the corner of the card.

Kite and Tail

In this one, you have to strike numbers in such a fashion that the resulting pattern will resemble a kite and its tail.

Different combinations of these patterns may sometimes be used in the same game of bingo. Owing to the huge demand for new bingo games from players, many websites are creating new variations of the game. This is helping them attract new players as well as keep the excitement going for the existing players.

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