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Bonuses Offered On Online Bingo

Competition between different gaming sites is quite fierce, with each trying to outdo the others in terms of web traffic. To ensure that they stay competitive, different sites come out with a number of offers to lure people into joining their gaming site and to maintain the existing number of customers. Bonuses are one of the methods employed by most websites to keep themselves popular with players. The bonuses offered by bingo sites are more or less similar. The most common bonuses offered include the introductory bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus and free games when you play on no deposit bingo UK sites.
Introductory Bonus

An introductory bonus is offered to players who have newly registered at the site. This normally consists of a bonus of a certain percentage of their first deposit. The site may ask for a minimum initial deposit and offer a percentage of that amount as bonus. However, there are a few conditions that should be followed if the bonus money is to be withdrawn, like making a certain number of deposits. The introductory bonus is a common tactic in most casinos and bingo sites and is offered mainly for the benefit of new players, so that they can try their hand at the games without spending too much money right at the outset.

No Deposit Bonus

Although not as prominently used, no deposit bonuses are an effective tactic for luring in new players. Here, a player receives a bonus by just playing and not having to make a deposit. The bonus amount offered differs between various bingo sites, typically from £5 to £100. There are certain conditions that need to be met for a player to get a bonus while playing no deposit bingo UK. A no deposit bonus is given only after a certain number of days of a player registering at the bingo site. This is to make sure that the account created is genuine and no fraudulent activity has been involved.

Weekly And Monthly Bonuses

To keep players coming back to the site constantly, some bonuses are offered on a periodical basis. A weekly bonus is offered on a certain day of the week. The weekly bonuses, like most other bonuses, also require that the player make a minimum amount as deposit. The bonus amount offered may not be as significant as the introductory bonus, but it still has enough to keep players coming back each week. The monthly bonuses also follow the same conditions, but the amount can be slightly higher.

Besides these bonuses, many sites offer other bonuses too. Some bingo sites offer bonuses for every new deposit made at the site. These are commonly known as reload bonuses. To make a deposit or to receive a bonus, you will need to share credit card or e-wallet information. Most monetary transactions are done using these methods.

Certain sites also have options for direct transfer to your bank account, although the time considerably varies. Security on these sites is an important issue and care must be taken to ensure that the site has put adequate security measures in place. Apart from taking advantage of these bonuses, you should also make sure that you practice playing the game for free on no deposit bingo UK sites so that you stay sharp and know what to expect when you play for real money.

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