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Online Bingo allows you the Time to Pamper Yourself

Many women complain that they just don't have enough time to do those little things that complete their beauty routine. Now a growing number of online bingo playing women have revealed how they maximize the time they spend playing bingo. Women who once looked at their nails and wondered when they'd ever have time for a manicure or for the expensive face mask treatment they bought a year ago, are now finding it incredibly easy to multi-task with online bingo. While they're having fun and chatting to bingo buddies, they're also using the time to pamper themselves. This is one of the undeniably great things about online bingo - it allows you to do more than one thing at the same time. Under what other circumstance can you chat to a group of friends, meet interesting people, win money and be perfectly comfortable while your face is covered in green mud?

Here's a list of ways to pamper yourself while playing online bingo. You're going to be spending that time online anyway, so why not make the most of it?


  1. Put on a deep-cleaning face mask - the one you are always meaning to put on for 30 minutes in the morning but because you always have a million things to do, you can't. Tell your bingo buddies you'll BRB (Be right back) when you need to wash it off.
  2. Paint your nails and your toenails. Select the auto-daub feature and you can save the money you would have spent at a beauty salon, while winning money on your bingo cards.
  3. Give yourself a refreshing footbath. Fill up a foot spa bath with warm water, peppermint oil, bath salts, and lemon juice. You won't believe how refreshed you'll feel. And you'll be extra relaxed during your bingo game.
  4. Apply a deep moisturizing face mask. You'll be amazed at how quickly the time goes when you're having fun with online bingo.
  5. Set a makeup mirror next to your computer and experiment with different colours or makeup techniques that you've read about, but never had time to play around with. Hey, you could create a whole new beautiful you while playing bingo.
  6. Smother your (recently cleaned) feet in a special foot moisturizer and wrap each foot in plastic wrap. Put socks on over the plastic and let your feet sweat a bit. You'll be amazed how after a few treatments those ugly cracks and dry skin start to smooth out. You'll be very happy that you could do this while playing bingo.
  7. Buy yourself a pair of moisturizing beauty gloves and wear these whenever you play bingo. Younger looking hands will definitely and you might win the jackpot at the same time!
  8. Pre-order a few bingo cards and select the auto-daub feature. Tilt your head back and place a slice of fresh cucumber over each eye. You'll feel the benefits after ten minutes.


Apply these beauty tips to make the most of your online bingo time - it's a winning combination.

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