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Online Bingo Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered exactly what kind of bingo player you may be? Are you a risk taker, dare-devil type who will stop at nothing to bingo? Or are you the more cautious type who quietly and patiently plays bingo, waiting for your luck to come in? Are you the boastful personality in the bingo chat room?

The way that you play bingo may reveal more about your personality than you realize. Answer the questions in the following quiz and find out more about yourself or what others may be able to deduce just from watching you in the bingo chat room. By doing this online bingo quiz you'll be able to quickly determine if you are the happy-go-lucky bingo player, the highly competitive bingo player, or the pessimistic bingo player. Good luck for discovering your bingo personality.

When you play bingo and someone else wins, do you:

a. Cheer them on and genuinely feel happy about their bingo winnings.
b. Wish them well, but promise yourself that you'll win next time.
c. Wonder why you never seem to win as much as others.

When you buy bingo cards do you:

a. Buy as many as you can afford without worrying about whether you'll get your money back.
b. Look forward to making a great profit and imagine your bingo winnings.
c. Think this is probably a waste of money because you'll most likely lose.

When you arrive at the bingo chat room do you:

a. Greet everyone and wish them good luck.
b. See who's been winning and vow to yourself to beat them.
c. Ask a winning bingo player if they can send some of their luck your way because you don't have a lucky streak.

After winning a round of bingo, do you:

a. Tell others that you'll share your good luck with all of them.
b. Brag about how you're going to win the next game too.
c. Say that this is beginner's luck and you'll be doomed for the rest of the evening.

If you've been on a losing streak while playing bingo, do you:

a. Genuinely believe that it doesn't matter because you're having fun chatting to your buddies.
b. Get angry with yourself for losing and vow to win again soon.
c. Tell yourself that you're a born loser.

If someone offers you some of their bingo tips, do you:

a. Thank them and think you might put some of their bingo advice into practice.
b. Tell them that you have your own methods that you prefer.
c. Wonder why you're always the last to know the important information.

If you've been losing for a while during an evening of bingo, do you:

a. Realise bingo is a game of chance and happily return to the same online bingo site the next day.
b. Plan to switch websites because you think you might be able to win elsewhere.
c. Throw away your lucky charm and plan to get another one for tomorrow.

If you've answered mostly a's then you are the archetypal happy-go-lucky bingo player. You are fun to be around and you are always upbeat and looking on the bright side of things. The glass is always half-full for you, even when it's empty. Nothing really gets you down.

If you've answered mostly b's then you are the competitive bingo player. Your desire to win can get in the way of your socializing and you're often prone to bursts of anger or bragging in the bingo chat room. You should relax and enjoy the game and the company more.

If you've answered mostly c's then you're the bingo pessimist. You are a negative thinker and often can be prone to seeing yourself as a victim of some malicious force. You get into such a negative spiral that you can bring about your own bad luck.

The good thing is that if you are aware of your behaviour - then you are in a position to change it, both in bingo and in other spheres of your life.

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