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Various Odds at Roulette

Roulette is one of the popular casino games in the whole of Europe. Even though it may seem that one can hardly win at the roulette, the odds aren't that bad at all. Odds are even at all the bets on the table, of course, not taking into consideration when getting zero. As you know, the European roulette table has thirty six various numbers and one zero number. The zero means that the casino wins and no one from the roulette players have won that round. In short, the players can bet any of the thirty six numbers except for zero. Wherever the ball stops at the roulette, whoever bet on that number wins. So let's take a look at the various odds at roulettes.

Red and Black

Aside from betting at the numbers, you can also bet at the colors such as the black or red. Since there is a total of 36 numbers and the colors are alternate on the roulette, then there are 16 reds and 16 blacks. The odds on betting for the colors would be fifty percent, not considering the green zero. Usually, this kind of bet pays one to one.

Odd and Even

Another way to bet in roulette is by choosing whether the result will be odd or even. Of course, not taking into consideration the zero number, you have a fifty percent chance of getting your bet.

First Half and Last Half

Aside from odd and even, or red and black, you can also bet if the result will be in the first half or the last half. So if the result is anywhere between 1 to 18, then the winning bet is the first half. If the result is anywhere between 19 to 36, the winning bet is the last half. Again, the chance of winning is 50% minus the chance of getting zero. Like the rest, most of the casinos offer a one to one pay for this bet. Note that this type of bet is also known as the high and low bet.

First Dozen, Middle Dozen, and Last Dozen

If you notice, the 36 numbers in the roulette can be divided into three, making each batch in dozens. So the first batch is comprised of the numbers 1 to 12, called the first dozen. The second batch is made up of 13 to 24, called the middle dozen. The third batch is composed of the numbers 25 to 36, which is called the last dozen. The usual payout for this kind of bet is two to one since the odds are smaller as compared to the above types of bets. There are various other bets and odds out there but it will depend on the casino you play at on which bets are recognized.

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