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Where to play bingo around the UK

The bingo hall has long been a staple of most British cities, towns and villages. The accessibility of the internet’s free bingo, and all its various promotional variants such as free no deposit bingo, may lead people who are late to the game to presume that those halls’ attendance figures are drying up. However, they’d be very wrong.

Bingo has long enjoyed enormous popularity in the country’s outer regions. The north of England, in particular, is particularly closely associated with the game. Historically, this is because the game emerged as a focal point around which the week’s entertainment would be based, particularly for women whose husbands would typically spend their evenings in the working men’s clubs of towns like Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester. Go up to the heady lights of Blackpool, for example, and you’ll find a wonderful combination of entertainment services – rides, restaurants and bars – all of which can be fantastically rounded off with a couple of games in one of the seaside town’s many devoted bingo halls.

These towns, plus many more the further south you come – Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester – are still full of bingo halls that regularly host evenings. As we all know, larger chain companies have now moved in and opened up enormous venues that may have taken the small-town community spirit out of proceedings, but which come fully functional with all the resources and capacity to cater for every kind of bingo game.

Free bingo may only be an online innovation, but you can still find plenty of enticing promotions consistently being offered by these more corporate places. If corporate isn’t your thing – if you feel as though chain companies have stripped bingo of some of its innocent purity – then simply turn up to your local town hall and find out when its next bingo evening is being held. It’s also a good bet that your local pub will host the odd bingo fundraiser, too.

Elsewhere in Britain, Wales and the southwest of England have always enjoyed a night of numbers. Towns such as Llandudno and Wrexham, Plymouth and Newquay all have plenty of bingo options available. Again, there’s no free deposit bingo on offer here – instead you’re simply guaranteed a buzzing, entertaining and laughter-filled evening with a number of very like-minded people.

Live bingo is very much alive in the UK today. Pubs, town halls, community centres and specialised venues up and down the country are keeping the tradition alive – it shouldn’t be too hard to find your nearest game!

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