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From 16th Century Italy to Online Bingo

Bingo has historically been stigmatised by many people as an old people’s pastime played in old dancehalls and bingo galas. However, times have changed and similarly to many other gambling past times the general movement has been to digitize these activities and play them over the internet.

This is clearly a big step for bingo, having originated as sixteenth century form of lottery in Italy. Furthermore, I am sure most of us can remember going to bingo with our grandparents and the general demographic is made up of senior people. However what with advancements in the uptake and speed of internet and improvements in computer literacy, bingo has found a new haven for itself.

Online bingo has liberated bingo and made it more accessible to those who were previously put off by the stigmas that were attached with it. Online, players can take advantage of cutting edge technology and special effects that create online bingo halls more spectacular than the real thing. Online players also have more control over how they want to play, and can personalise their experience by changing certain features and playing options. Also it is possible to play up to 100 cards at once and play games with varying numbers of balls and pay out options.

Also, not too dissimilar to the real thing, many online bingo halls have social features that allow you to connect with fellow online gamers and share experiences and build friendships. This means that from the comfort of your own home you can still take part in your favourite past time and play the game exactly how you want to play. If you’re just in it for the money you can change the speed settings and select auto daubing. Furthermore, if you are just playing for some fun and want to create more of a realistic experience you can select features and settings accordingly.

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