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Basic bingo rules and strategy

Bingo has many different rules, all depending on the style of game you’re playing. If you’re a beginner you might struggle at the start, so let’s take a look at the basic rules before going in to strategy.

75 Ball

When you sign up to play 75-ball bingo, you’ll be asked to purchase a card. These come in the format of a 5×5 grid, giving you 24 numbers and one free space per card to mark off. After the game begins, numbers will be called at random from a possible 75, and the winner will be the person to cross out the correct pattern first.

The patterns you need to cross off will vary from game to game – some require a blackout (all numbers crossed), whereas others will give you certain shapes such as a U or a T. You can buy more than one card to play at a time, although there may be some limits.

90 Ball

If you’re playing bingo in the UK, it’s likely that you’ll be playing this version. Players purchase a card containing a 3×9 grid, but with only 15 numbers on it. Random numbers will then be drawn in stages, with players first looking to cross off a line, then two lines and finally a full house.

Line and two line games proceed relatively quickly, whereas full houses can take some time to complete, as every number in the grid must be crossed off before a winner can be declared. Prize money will generally increase from line to full house, and bonuses may be available for calling within a certain amount of numbers, or calling house on a particular number.


Bingo is primarily a game of chance, so proven strategies aren’t always easy to come by. However, there are certain things that you can do to boost your chances.

The first and most obvious is to increase the amount of tickets you play with. If you have one and another player has 10, they inevitably have a much higher statistical chance of winning than you.

You may also be able to boost your odds if you can pick your own card. You can opt for lucky numbers or patterns of numbers, giving consistency to your chances and thus increasing them. You can also look for bingo UK rooms with smaller numbers of people; less competition means better odds for you.

Understanding the rules and following these basic tips may just help to give you an edge over your competition!

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