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Bingo hall etiquette

Like any game, bingo has its own set of codes and accepted etiquette that all players are expected to understand and follow, whether they play bingo online or regularly visit their local town hall for some live action. As such, it’s important to try and bear the following in mind if you’re relatively new to the world of numbered balls and cards.

Know when to natter

Bingo is a social experience as well as a gaming one, so catching up with fellow players is an important part of the experience. However, when a game commences it’s time to belt up! Bingo requires concentration, especially those with multiple cards to watch over, and even the smallest of whispers in the background can be off-putting.

Be aware of the habits and quirks of others

Bingo is a game based on luck as well as a certain amount of skill, and some players will have traditions or superstitions that they believe help them in their game; it’s important you respect these – however quirky or odd they may seem! Regular players often have lucky seats too, so if someone politely asks you if you wouldn’t mind switching seats, be respectful and don’t put up too much of a fuss. Once you start winning you might start believing you’ve found a lucky seat too!

Don’t shoot the messenger

It isn’t the caller’s fault if things aren’t going your way and, however frustrating it might be when your numbers aren’t coming out, there’s no excuse for heckling them. Similarly, if playing free bingo online, remember that the chat moderators are there to make sure everyone has a great time, so treat them with respect.

Pay attention and be certain before shouting

It should go without saying, but your own focus is just as important and there’s nothing more annoying to other players (other than losing, of course) than a game being interrupted by someone who doesn’t really have a full house. Be sure that you have the right to cry out ‘BINGO’ before you do so if you want to avoid angered glances across the hall.

The house has the final say

Whatever the discrepancy, whether you think you called before someone else or you’re certain a number was called when the caller says it wasn’t, the bingo house has the final say. Don’t get into an argument!

Politeness and good sportsmanship apply everywhere...

...including when you play bingo online! Even if it’s free bingo, there’s no excuse for rude behaviour; if you want to join the thousands of people playing online in the UK every day, then play nice!

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