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Bingo luck and superstitions

Bingo is ultimately a game of luck; you can learn all the different line patterns you like, have all the card strategies in the world but if Lady Luck isn’t on your side that evening, you’re unlikely to win a thing.

And this, unsurprisingly, is why bingo players – from the seasoned to the relatively uninitiated – rely on good luck symbols and routines to try and give themselves a bit of an edge. Here are just a few you’re likely to see on any given trip down to the bingo hall.

Lucky charms

According to research, three-quarters of people carry some form of lucky charm around with them at all times. For bingo players, they’re absolutely necessary; even those playing no deposit bingo games online at home will have a four-leaf-clover, rabbit’s foot or the like nearby.

Slightly more colourful charms include soft toys, gemstones, whole albums of family photos and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of. Similarly, if you spy someone sporting only one sock, don’t be too surprised; some players will often change their attire (or, in some cases, keep the same clothes on!) when placing their cards down for a new game.

Lucky seats

If you’ve just signed up to a no deposit bingo game online, it’s likely you’re only going to have one chair to choose from. However, even when there are dozens available, some people refuse to embrace variety and instead stick religiously to the same seat whenever they play.

Obviously, there’s no proof that certain positions or seats are more likely to fare better than any others, but it’s still pretty wise to vacate a chair if a slightly irate poke on the back signals that you’re occupying someone else’s favoured pew.

Some people take their chair superstitions a bit further, concocting various routines to try and instil those elusive magical powers. As such, don’t be alarmed to witness players walking around their seats a certain number of times or standing behind them having a quick prayer.

Lucky numbers

Just like the lottery, some players swear by having certain numbers on their cards; if they can find their lucky number, they’ll do their best to make sure they get their mitts on it. Similarly, some will trade cards if they have a particularly unappealing set of digits.

There are various other bingo superstitions and lucky charms out there, from requesting the caller to kiss your card to asking the chat moderator to wish you good luck if playing bingo games online. Whatever works for you, make sure you give yourself the very best chance of winning with a charm or two of your own!

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