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Building A 'Community' Is Important to Online Bingo Players

Bingo fans are just as interested in online companionship as they are in the games themselves, according to a recent survey.

Despite large advertised jackpots and flashy graphics, bingo companies are learning that players will return to their site when they feel part of an online community, not just because they are awaiting a big payoff.

With hundreds of sites offering bingo games in the U.K., businesses are learning that to stay ahead of the competition and drive players back, they need to make players feel "at home" online, offering virtual bingo rooms of various sizes as well as chat capabilities and messaging.

This new online bingo community is not much different than the original concept of the bingo hall, which was a place where people could grab a friendly game and meet some new people in a safe, unthreatening environment.

Today's bingo players look forward to meeting up with their online friends too, as it's a way to unwind after a long day at work, while still keeping their minds active and themselves socially interacting — plus, it's also a way to keep activity flowing into their bank account.

The same survey found that bingo players are spending about a dozen hours a week playing games online, which is slightly less than the 17 hours a week that the average British person spends not flexing a mental or social muscle in front of the television.

To get a taste of what each bingo site offers, many will let players start with a number of free games. Bingo schedules are also posted so players can return at certain hours on certain evenings to find the same players. Tournaments are also a popular for meeting players—though competition can turn a little less than friendly when there's a £10,000 jackpot on the line.

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