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Various Types of Bingo Jackpots

Bingo features three main types of jackpots, which are common across most online bingo rooms. These are the game jackpot, coverall jackpot and progressive jackpot. Each one of these jackpots has distinct characteristics. The progressive jackpots usually yield the highest earnings that can touch up to thousands of dollars.

Game jackpots are those that can be won every game. The prize pool for this jackpot is derived from the tickets of the game. The value of the prize pool varies from one site to the next, depending on the amount charged for the tickets. But most of the money collected from the sales of ticket fund the jackpot. Some money may be kept aside by the site to cover overhead costs, profit, bonus structures and other jackpots.

Coverall jackpots can only be a part of 75 ball games. Instead of getting a pattern from the numbers announced, players are required to cover the entire ticket to win this jackpot. These jackpots are usually much higher than those offered for other variations of the game. This kind of a jackpot is less frequently seen as compared to the other due to the high pay out it entails. A pre-determined amount is set as the minimum jackpot; the amount reduces according to the time taken by players to win it. After a certain amount the prize stays the same and is not reduced any further.

Only some sites offer progressive jackpots on their games. But these are the most popular bingo games as the jackpot that can be won is usually pretty high. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is accumulated over time. Its value increases continually until it is won. The jackpot is triggered by different things depending on the site but it is generally linked to calling bingo within a particular number of balls.

The gaming industry has certain regulations regarding progressive jackpots and there are some standards adhered to by most online bingo rooms. Most sites have separate progressive jackpots for their 75 ball and 90 ball games. The former usually requires the players to call bingo within a specified number of calls. Sites have modified the progressive jackpot and, introduced patterns and other features.

Before playing on a site it is important to ensure the credibility of that site. Most sites offer bingo and several even have great promotions and offers. A good way of ensuring the site is authentic is by checking its license. You can look for site reviews and talk to other players. If your friends or family are bingo players, first hand suggestions from them can be most helpful.

You can play free games with play money but these rarely yield jackpots. Players have the option of choosing the auto play mode, which lets the computer play for you. All you have to do is choose a ticket and click play. Most online bingo rooms these days have state of the art software that makes playing feel like the real thing.   

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