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Date: 23 December 2010

Christmas Specials

Christmas Eve
Pattern Specials: Look out for the Christmas Tree and Stocking pattern between noon and midnight. Once of these patterns will play each hour, with a £75 Guaranteed prize. Solo winners on these patterns will be asked to select a stocking number between 1 and 12. The CM will then reveal the stocking prize. Split winners will each receive £5 BB’s. Stocking prizes will range from £10 BBs/£10 Cash to £50 BBs/£50 Cash and will include 3 Thornton’s Chocolate Hampers.

Match Bonus

Double your deposits - Saturday, 25 December
Hohoho and Merry Christmas to everyone! May Santa spoil you rotten this year! In the spirit of Christmas, we’re running a 100% deposit match day on the 25th of December. You heard right! Double your balance each time you deposit this Christmas. Remember, your balance must be less than £5 to qualify for the bonus. All bonuses credited to the BB account.

£15,500 MegaBingo Christmas Special - December 2010
Only a few games left of the £15,500 MegaBingo marathon. Don’t miss this opportunity to fill your Christmas stocking with a few extra £££. Be sure to pre-buy your MegaBingo tickets and you could be one of the lucky winners. The MegaBingo games will play daily at 10PM with a guaranteed prize of £500. Visit the MegaBingo page for more info


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