13 July 2010

On the line-up this week:

1. 100% back on your deposits this coming Friday, 16 July and 50% back on Saturday, 17 July.
2. There are only 19 MegaBingo games left so make sure that you get your tickets now!
3. The Pyramids of Cash Progressive is over 300K!
4. The Jackpot Jamboree Mega Progressive is over 30K and The Posh Life Progressive is over 20K.

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Refer a Friend to jackpot liner UK, get your friend to make a deposit of £10 and you will get £10 BBs free!

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Friday, 16 July = 100% back on your deposits all day!
Saturday, 17 July = 50% back on your deposits all day!

All you need to do is make sure that your combined BB
and real balance is less than £5 to get the bonus!


MegaBingo Page Details

Presenting: Xmas in July
MegaBingo 15,500.00 Marathon

£500 going daily in July!
6K has already been given away

All games will play at 10pm (22:00) GMT
Buy 5 and Get 10 Free
Card prices are £1

Date Amount
Tuesday - 13 July £500 Must Go!
Wednesday - 14 July £500 Must Go!
Thursday - 15 July £500 Must Go!
Friday - 16 July £500 Must Go!
Saturday - 17 July £500 Must Go!
Sunday - 18 July £500 Must Go!
Monday - 19 July £500 Must Go!
Tuesday - 20 July £500 Must Go!
Wednesday - 21 July £500 Must Go!
Thursday - 22 July £500 Must Go!
Friday - 23 July £500 Must Go!
Saturday - 24 July £500 Must Go!
Sunday - 25 July £500 Must Go!
Monday - 26 July £500 Must Go!
Tuesday - 27 July £500 Must Go!
Wednesday - 28 July £500 Must Go!
Thursday - 29 July £500 Must Go!
Friday - 30 July £500 Must Go!
Saturday - 31 July £500 Must Go!

What are you waiting for?
Get your cards and you may be our next Mega winner!

Super Bingo Competition

The month of July is the month of Super Bingo!

There are 10 super bingo numbers to collect to win a share in the pot. We have a massive bingo pot to share with you and it’s real easy to participate.

You will need to bingo on and claim the following numbers:
6 ~ 11 ~ 24 ~ 27 ~ 36 ~ 43 ~ 54 ~ 59 ~ 64 ~ 73

How it works:
Each time you bingo on one of the numbers listed above, the CM will ask you to claim. You will have until the end of the game following your win to acknowledge the CM. The CM will record all numbers claimed in the super bingo logs. Once you have won bingo and claimed on each of the numbers, you will have a guaranteed share of the bingo pot - to be revealed on August 1st! Bingo winners will receive a special bonus to be announced and credited on August 1st by midnight GMT!

- Minimum pot to share will be £1,000 -

Competition Information

Weekly Winners
WTG to all our big winners this week...
Login Name Amount Game
nutbar 500 Pyramids of Cash
Sarniehm 1,304.49 Bingo 75 Jackpot
Sarniehm 2,500 Pyramids of Cash
bex 345 529

Elvis - A little more action

magoo09 525 SlotsOfBingo
zobo1977 750.50 Blackbeards Booty
tuatara 665 Mermaids Treasure
jakobsongs 651.60 Enchanted Garden
djpgp 619.50 Jungel Fever
jakobsongs 550 Enchanted Garden
jakobsongs 513 Enchanted Garden
jakobsongs 505 Enchanted Garden
Gonnawin123 2,060 Enchanted Garden
Gonnawin123 1,280 Enchanted Garden
Gonnawin123 1,200 Enchanted Garden
jakobsongs 742.50 Enchanted Garden
forest2468 1,250 Galaxy of Riches
madsmum 503.30 Mermaids Treasure
blueangel1825 500 MegaBingo
saggles 500 MegaBingo
Gossip Column:: We welcome on Board
pjm, penelope19, kd1962, sr2009, leasap, SonnyDay, krissi31, champers53, mugs1960, ben02, stij91, hail hail, naynay3, charlene1182, mailrach, sonia3476, rosewinefund, mand3210, 0363andypandy, janeair12, sues666, kazluvbingo71, Joy48, Franki83, debko1978, sexymick, stevenmacd, ncls123, laurels, loulou282, bulldozer, andrewr26, aliceh, 18badger, dippydodah, roy1472, Kellyz, MIROSLAW1974, freeezoom, sammiedoo, hawicklady, JohnM66, suei2, blueeyelise, antony1977, HAWKINS, grandonna, MARKYWF, 375lindyloo, pj1756, malc87, teachme, panhead15, nosfer3755, soniadonna, beto1964, pdog, tonybo71, drydo9, hjpolly, plaxtonvanhool, mattyablitt, wiggie80, steph24, dickey_88, nataylia, jeff2257, om28, LaydeeGee, happydi, barbie29, jonnyseven39, robbo17, Libster85, da33a2000, deaks22, prydemusic, MOONLIGHT2108, themummy, lgould1984, lorraluckplzzz, sikalosin, annna, john2509, starlover, lisamc1977, playdoh24, seanq717, jaycee26, blackers77, mrsnewt, wendy123q, lmao101, TB71, anne3127, adaveuk, whiskers111, robbiem1, got2u2eh, daz7070, JAYJAY79, megan7, potsie22, 13Lucky, moppit1, phatman74, phoebespal, salfordimp, tizme, bahi47, lisaparker28, saggles, yogi6706, Eliz32, carole104, kazooie, opheliaballz, shimstar, paulojardim, lilmrc, elaine71, nealey, mizzsontaneous, jellymallow, nicandpeo1, LLD804D, ncrawley
Promotions this week


Pirates Booty
Share in the slots spoil or stack up the bingo knots, join us for Pirates Booty.
This is jackpot liner’s new all games tourney!

Join us every weekend from Friday – Sunday.
All you need to do is wager on any game in the site
and work your way up the leader board. The one leader board is
for bingo and the second leader board is for all the other games in the site.

The top 3 wagerers for bingo will win the following BB prizes:
1st Prize: £30 | 2nd Prize: £20 | 3rd prize: £10

The top 3 wagerers for any game other than
bingo will win the following cash prizes:
1st Prize: £50 | 2nd Prize: £30 | 3rd prize: £20

Side Games Tourney
Join us at the bingo tables for a bit of extra fun and games on the side...
Wager on any of your favourite side games between Monday and Thursday.
Games include: Pulltabs, High Low, Scratchcards and Mini Slots.

The top 3 wagerers will win these awesome real cash prizes:
1st: £30 | 2nd: £20 | 3rd: £10

VIP Treasure Island
Join us every weekend Friday – Sunday on Treasure Island. Play bingo, slots, quick games, video poker and roulette to rack up those points!

The 3 highest wagerers will walk away with these awesome cash prizes.
1st £100 | 2nd £80 | 3rd £50

 jackpot liner UK Trivia
BingoThe first 10 correct answers to be sent to nakeeta@jackpotliner.co.uk will each win a £3 bonus. One guess per person please and don't forget to include your user id.

You must have made a deposit in the last 7 days to qualify for a bonus.

Do you want your riddle or joke in the newsletter?

Then send it to nakeeta@jackpotliner.co.uk.
If your joke or riddle is chosen for the week you will be awarded £3 BBs!

The answer for the riddle last week:
Captains Corner

Riddle for the week...
Which country has been hidden in the paragraph below:
The local habitat around a railway track can be very interesting. For example, supporting the track is a sleeper, under which you can find the lesser spotted great weevil.