05 October 2010

The party continues at jackpot liner UK! Check out the new celebrity competition...

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2. Do you want to be a Liner UK celebrity? Then read on...
3. This month there are Facebook only specials, Like our page to be eligible for the specials.
4. There is a fantabulous new MegaBingo marathon.
5. The prize shop has fantastic prizes up for grabs, make sure you get your tickets.

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CelebrityCelebrityBecome a jackpot liner Celebrity!

Have you dreamed of being a star?

We’re giving you the chance to put your face in front of the world in your very own jackpot liner UK video! Not only that… we’ve got a heap of prize money up for grabs for the top 5 videos!

1st Prize: £500 Cash | 2nd Prize: £250 Cash | 3rd Prize: £100 Cash
4th Prize: £50 Cash | 5th Prize: £25 Cash

But wait, there’s more!

Every person that uploads a video that we accept will win 25 BBs,
so what are you waiting for? Lights, camera, action - you’re a jackpot liner UK Celebrity!

How It Works:
Simply film a 20-40 second video of yourself and tell us
about your experience while playing at jackpot liner UK and post it on YouTube.com.

Once you have posted your video, send the video or embedded YouTube.com
link to celebrity@jackpotliner.co.uk along with a scanned copy of your
signed Consent and Release document.

Get the rest of the info on the website


Brand new Liner UK schedule



Exciting changes

5 Pence Event: We are including 2 5p hours in Starboard Lounge
11am and 3pm
Even Stevens: Max of 20 cards for each player per game for the hour
8am and 4pm
Strive for 25: £25 minimum prizes | Bingo on any number with a 2 or a 5 in it to win a share of the 25BB prize
VIP Perks: If a VIP bingos on the VIP-Letter V, VIP-Letter I, or VIP-Letter P pattern they win 5BBs
Whole Day
QuizMasters: £25 Prize | Pattern = QuizMaster Special
12pm, 7pm and 12am
Sailboat Special: £25 prize | Pattern = Sailboat Special
9am, 1pm and 5pm
Pot of gold: £100 Pattern | Pot of Gold Special | £100 Prize
9pm and 11pm

Prize shopOctober Prize Shop
There are loads of prizes up for grabs

jackpot liner UK has a new fantastic competitin whereby you can win loads of prizes! A Dell desktop, Thorntons hamper, DVD bundle, and a Nintendo Wii are just some of the prizes up for grabs.
For more information visit here

For our Facebook members
The winners of the tourney each day get to double their points if they are a member of our Facebook page and can claim their points on the jackpot liner Facebook page.

October MegaBingo Marathon

MegaBingo Page Details

Date Amount Winners
Monday - 25 October £500 Must Go! ?
Tuesday - 26 October £750 Must Go! ?
Wednesday - 27 October £1000 Must Go! ?
Thursday - 28 October £1500 Must Go! ?
Friday - 29 October £2000 Must Go! ?
Saturday - 30 October £2500 Must Go! ?


How does it work?

Join us in the haunted bingo rooms everyday...

Take a seat and get your bingo cards because you need to
bingo on and claim the following numbers:

2 | 13 | 24 | 27 | 34 | 38 | 49 | 57 | 62 | 71

Once you have completed this, you will be a winner
in our Halloween Riches competition!

Winners will receive a share of the 1,000 bonus to be and credited on November 1st!

Competition Information

Weekly Winners
WTG to all our big winners this week...
Login Name Amount Game
timewaster 898.08 The Posh Life
mudgeypie 1,000 Jungle Fever
Lauren17 2,504..50 Galaxy of Riches
suzie450 3,398.40 Bingo Jackpot
Gossip Column:: We welcome on Board
mammaack, mixmick, gremlin25, dotty3373, danoman123, bingoqueen85, bones2976, typhoon1, lee1888, susieshark, dalyan54, ste88, chrissy56, rugbywidow, gniki7676, sunny56, wayneboi, nicole4507, sonata62, busyboy4444, xlaciecx, lOpziLLA, anna14, cheekysophie, Winkle, bennyboy2501, dozace, rocker13, dazhoad, BigWinner1975, hambone888, bulligas, xxSMITHYxx, lolasmumx, josey04, chico777, pilgrimm, win5454, nanna, babs, vandriver, njwilson, jack11160, mumzeeof3, joanne4867, topgirl76, willson1984, car210880, Laylow, natz82, timewaster, wackie1, linzilove, terena, onebigwin23, APH999, lottieluv3, kelly472, plumpy87, MissyG, KAREN1476, Sinnfury, moruss, reddersgk, spiritualk, RWooding, flossy1052, unlucky24, 39beaumont, thirley, fp5315, 23david, wednesday109, supug76, annaad13, chris195304, zzwin4meplszz, Jonty2010, aims22, therealdeal, lynwillwin, sweety13, railman58, wild4942, MedusaUK, plopjade, LAURENCEDOLAN, pauline64, jennycool, scoobyrob, tashman90, lai1979, highliner, boozylower, tigglersgirl95, Kumaster, 16jade, Paulo492, bill63, smehjabeen, nioajeae, keith0000, twista
Promotions this week


Pirates Booty
Share in the slots spoil or stack up the bingo knots, join us for Pirates Booty.
This is jackpot liner’s new all games tourney!

Join us every weekend from Friday – Sunday.
All you need to do is wager on any game in the site
and work your way up the leader board. The one leader board is
for bingo and the second leader board is for all the other games in the site.

The top 3 wagerers for bingo will win the following BB prizes:
1st Prize: £30 | 2nd Prize: £20 | 3rd prize: £10

The top 3 wagerers for any game other than
bingo will win the following cash prizes:
1st Prize: £50 | 2nd Prize: £30 | 3rd prize: £20

Side Games Tourney
Join us at the bingo tables for a bit of extra fun and games on the side...
Wager on any of your favourite side games between Monday and Thursday.
Games include: Pulltabs, High Low, Scratchcards and Mini Slots.

The top 3 wagerers will win these awesome real cash prizes:
1st: £30 | 2nd: £20 | 3rd: £10

VIP Treasure Island
Join us every weekend Friday – Sunday on Treasure Island. Play bingo, slots, quick games, video poker and roulette to rack up those points!

The 3 highest wagerers will walk away with these awesome cash prizes.
1st £100 | 2nd £80 | 3rd £50

 jackpot liner UK Trivia
BingoThe first 10 correct answers to be sent to michelle@jackpotliner.co.uk will each win a £3 bonus. One guess per person please and don't forget to include your user id.

You must have made a deposit in the last 7 days to qualify for a bonus.

Do you want your riddle or joke in the newsletter?

Then send it to michelle@jackpotliner.co.uk.
If your joke or riddle is chosen for the week you will be awarded £3 BBs!

The answer for the riddle last week:
Back to the Future

Trivia for the week...
Which competition can you claim double points for on Facebook?