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Winners Gallery

laree08 won £2250 on Secrets of the Pharaohs
“It felt amazing to be the winner and I am very happy to be the winner of that amount."
biscuit won £79,297.36 on Slots of Bingo
“This is an amazing life changing amount for me and my family, everyone at Jackpot Liner was so happy for me."
guyshotton won £12,490 on Cash Carousel
“Very surprised, felt like gambling on the day and luck striked, very lucky day."
ladyjan53 won £3,946 on Bingo
“Very good site, different games to play. Friendly and helpful CM?s, staying at Jackpot Liner."
linghigh1973 won £1,350 on Jungle Fever
“Many thanks on my recent win on Jungle Fever. I will be using some of the money for our holiday spends when we go to Rhodes in a couple of weeks and I will also be giving some of it to my closest friend who unfortunately lost her 14 year old daughter 12 months ago and is struggling to pay for her headstone. So from the bottom of my heart jackpot liner, a very huge thank you!"
1maggie1 won £15,000 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you so much for this fantastic win. My daughter who is currently at the University of Liverpool studying English. This money will enable me to buy her a new car so she get there and back safely. I might even treat myself to a new wardrobe."
lena23092002 won £1,045 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Thank you jackpot liner for my great win, I am planning on spending the money on my garden."
Shufflebottom £1,200 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you so much for the fantastic win, I couldn't believe it when 5 free spin symbols came while in free spin mode, wow, according to some younger members of my friends my TV is ancient, so I may upgrade to a big one with the new fandangled things, and treat us all to some shopping, thanks again."
Lynn1959 won £15,481 on Pyramids of Cash
“I was really shocked when I won, but it didn't take me long to start thinking about how to spend the money, lol. Most of it will go towards a new kitchen, bathroom and double glazing, that is if there's enough left after I've treated my sons. Lynn1959"
Vmca won £900 on Spinning Spurs
“Hi, I won £900.00 on Spinning Spurs. I'm going to be a little bit naughty and spend it all on clothes, make up and shoes, oh and probably a few Christmas presents too!"
donk78 won £1,250 on Cluedo - Who Won It
“Thank you ever so much jackpot liner, this money will come in handy as we are due a baby this week, thank you again it means so much to me and my family Regards, Steve x"
jayne1972 won £754.50 on Pyramids of Cash
“I plan on treating my children and myself :-D"
Irenecmcc won £1,250 on Pyramids of Cash
“Dear Jackpot Liner about my win, I have decided to get myself new glasses for my eyes as they can be very expensive and maybe get a gardner out to tidy our garden as it has gotten out of hand. I am really pleased with my win and want to thank you so much for the surprise."
Caramelcutie won £ 1,000.00 on Jungle Fever
“Still shocked that I won I just can't believe my luck turned around it was a nice surprise as it was on free spins and I had left the room then I came back and saw that amount I thought I was seeing things. I will be treating the kids and myself with some gifts and toys they will love it."
Sexylady108 won £1,350.00 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you jackpotliner for my lovely win i couldnt belive my eyes when that lucky spin came in look forward to spending my winnings on my myself and my children with a holiday."
westlifexx won on £1,200 Roman Riches
“thankyou so much for my win, i couldnt believe i had won, im taking my 2 boys on holiday to newquay in june and going to see westlife so the money will be spent treating my 2 little boys ethan and kian x"
Petersh won £4,851.92 on Video Poker
“I had a feeling I was going to have a big win when I started playing! I have been without a car for a few months, and now that I have won this money, I will be buying one next week. Thank you jackpotliner. Regards petersh"
Chazzaboo won £1,816.50 on Mad Science
“Wow! I couldn't believe my luck, I have won big on liner several times now but I think this time was the most shocked I've been, I've so many things in mind to buy, but I think paying off some bills will be first. Thank you to jackpot liner, and I wish you all lots of luck! You could be a winner too!"
Alltheshots won £ 2,265.00 on Slots
“Thank you so much for my win, I could not believe it when it came in. I've just booked a weekend away so the money will come in handy for some extra spending money."
Jessflicker won £1,269.40 on Jackpot Jamboree
“I am going to use the money to spoil my mum for mother?s day and take me and my boyfriend away somewhere."

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